InTandem’s ‘triple aim’ approach in healthcare investing hits the bullseye –

March 31, 2022

“What tends to unite our themes or strategies is the healthcare triple aim – which refers to a company that will simultaneously work to improve healthcare outcomes, improve member experience and lower cost.” – PE Hub By Aaron Weitzman – 31 March 2022

PE Hub’s ongoing series on private equity firms investing in healthcare continues with insights from Elliot Cooperstone, founder and managing partner of InTandem Capital Partners. Prior to starting the firm in 2011, Cooperstone was previously CEO of Prodigy Health Group, a health plan services company acquired in 2011 by Aetna. Prior to Prodigy Health, he was the vice president and general manager of the Employer Group at Intuit. Cooperstone joined Intuit in 2000 upon that company’s acquisition of EmployeeMatters, a company he co-founded in 1999 and for which he served as CEO. He outlined InTandem’s approach to healthcare investing.

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