Corporate and social responsibility are increasingly important topics to our investors, employees, portfolio partners, regulators, communities, and the public at large.

We believe that participation in the healthcare industry requires an unwavering commitment to the aims and objectives of those who seek to improve the way healthcare is delivered in America. 

With every new investment that we make, InTandem Capital is committed to the following:

Adherence to the healthcare “Quintuple Aim”

Clinical outcomes, patient experience, provider satisfaction, financial sustainability, and health equity for the populations that we serve.

The vulnerability of the populations our companies serve and the existence of government care subsidies means that participation in the healthcare industry calls for heightened responsibility. Once thought of as competing objectives, our belief is that today these aims, alongside additional objectives including healthcare equity and expansion of access to excellent healthcare, are found in many healthcare services companies with significant future growth potential. 

Commitment to Addressing Inequality

We believe fundamentally that success should be shared with all who contribute to it, proportional to their contribution. We further recognize the presence and growth of income and wealth inequality and the societal inequities they create.

The private equity industry is uniquely positioned to have an impact on these issues and InTandem believes that generating investment gains must be accompanied by broader societal accomplishments. The political and social environment in which we operate, as well as the constituencies that we serve, challenge us to go beyond convention, and we are committed to meeting that challenge.

In March 2022, InTandem Capital Partners launched a program called Private Equity for Greater Good alongside a commitment to distribute 5% of the investment gains from InTandem Capital investments from investments to all employees of portfolio companies that do not otherwise hold equity instruments. InTandem portfolio companies have broadened the distribution of equity ownership such that nearly all eligible employees of businesses owned by InTandem have the potential to share in our investment success. Private Equity for Greater Good was inspired by the prior efforts of Bob Patricelli, InTandem Capital Senior Advisor and healthcare industry veteran, to introduce legislation aimed at incentivizing the broadening of equity ownership. Bob’s interest in developing tax policy that would be effective in addressing the growing income and wealth gaps in the United States prompted our exploration of tools for the private sector and in particular, private equity. Private Equity for Greater Good is a program born from that exploration that enables the private equity industry to fulfill its obligation to do the same by establishing a new standard for management equity plan design that would ensure investment gains are shared not just among management shareholders, but rather among all employees that contributed to their achievement. To learn more about Private Equity for Greater Good, please visit the program website at www.pe4gg.org.