We Invest Where Our Proprietary Model Can Significantly Accelerate Growth


Our principals have successfully acquired, built, and managed multiple companies as operators and investors in a variety of healthcare services sub-sectors. We identify opportunities, recognize risks, offer experience-based suggestions, and roll up our sleeves to work collaboratively alongside the CEO and his/her leadership team. We don’t substitute, we accelerate.

We Help Set A Winning Strategy

We invest in companies that have become leaders in their own market. At the outset of an investment, we endeavor to understand a company’s strategy, the processes necessary to amplify that strategy, and the shape of the organization that will execute and bring that strategy to life. At the finish line of a transaction and the starting line of our future relationship, we collectively develop a common set of ideas and create a plan as to how we will move the company forward together.

We Know It Is Not Just About The Numbers – Capturing Hearts and Minds Comes First.

It’s about putting great people in the right positions, refining a winning strategy, and executing effectively with great process discipline and supporting infrastructure. A shared vision and shared values have the power to inspire in ways that numbers cannot.

We Are In A “People First” Business

We have tremendous respect and regard for business leaders and the challenges faced by management teams. Our team understands that our role is not limited to strategic and financial support, but also to provide emotional support and sustenance for our business partners.

We Have Been In Your Shoes

Sympathy vs. empathy. Private financial investors strive to be sympathetic to the challenges their partners face, often unsuccessfully. We go further. Our experience allows us to demonstrate deep empathy for the challenges of building a company and we have created our investment playbook and support team with those challenges in mind.



Specific investments discussed herein are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily representative of investments that will be made in the future.  The specific investments represent recent investments made, and the investment strategy described may be modified in the future.  The investments identified and discussed herein do not represent all of the securities purchased, sold, or recommended by InTandem.