How InTandem Creates A Winning Strategy (Full Version)


Full Version (49 minutes) – What is the InTandem Approach?

In our first conversation, InTandem Managing Partner Elliot Cooperstone gave us the overview: the firm’s general approach to investing in health care services companies… in particular, the close ways in which the team partners with entrepreneurs and management from the start.

In fact, Elliot explained how InTandem’s differentiated approach begins even before the “start,” at the pre-investment stage. He discussed the role of trust – and what that means for both sides of the relationship. And he concluded by touching on what happens once the investment is complete… how that’s not the end of anything, but rather the start of a deeper relationship between InTandem executives and company leaders – a relationship Elliot described as playing “on the field,” as an on-field player coach as opposed to a press box coach.

But what, exactly, does that approach look like? How does it work? And why is it useful and attractive for company management?

In our next series of conversations, we dig into those questions with Elliot – the immediate priorities in determining what needs to get done after InTandem closes an investment?

We’ll address this in three parts: The What, the How & the Who? Specifically:

  • What comprises that “winning strategy?” (Episode 2)
  • How that strategy gets operationalized – how the vision gets put into action every day? (Episode 3)
  • Who makes up the short & medium term needs in terms of a top notch, whole-brain team? (Episode 4)