Pediatric Home Service Acquires Apple Homecare Medical Supply in Texas and All About Pediatrics in Florida

November 8, 2023

Pediatric Home Service (PHS), the country’s leading independent provider of comprehensive home care supporting children with medical complexities, announced two acquisitions as a part of the continued expansion of its Pediatric Center of Excellence. The Company expanded its presence in the Texas market through the acquisition of Apple Home Medical Supply (Apple HMS), a Dallas-based provider of respiratory and clinical support services.  The Company has also entered the Florida market through the acquisition of All About Pediatrics, a Jacksonville, FL-based provider of services focused on the needs of children with medical complexities.

“Apple HMS and All About Pediatrics are two terrific, patient-centered organizations that we are pleased to have as part of Pediatric Home Service.  Bringing together like-minded organizations that support our pediatric population allows us to continue to focus on bringing children home. Expanding service availability for patients across Texas and Florida will mean efficient service delivery, cost-effective solutions, and improved outcomes for our patients.” said Adam Nielsen, CEO of PHS. “The comprehensive service offerings from PHS improves care for patients, as well as the payer and healthcare prescriber partners involved in the care of medically complex children.”

The recent acquisitions in Texas and the expansion of the infusion pharmacy and nursing operations bring a complete continuum of care to children with medical complexities in Texas.

“For years, the Apple team has aimed to broaden our services. Once we connected with PHS, we were confident that we had the right partner to make that growth possible.” said Lara Shankle, former President of Apple Homecare Medical Supply. Marsha Berg, former CEO of All About Pediatrics, shared a similar message, “The team at Pediatric Home Service understands the needs of the medically complex pediatric population. We are thrilled to be joining an organization that has the tools and resources to make comprehensive care a reality, while keeping the focus on the child.”

All About Pediatrics is the first acquisition for PHS in Florida. They are a well-known thought-leader in the market with a reputation for delivering exceptional clinical care for their patients. With a combined 40 years of experience, they provide respiratory and enteral nutrition for Florida patients from their three branch offices.

With service offerings that now reach eleven states, PHS remains committed to keeping care local. The organization looks forward to making a difference for children with medical complexities in Texas, Florida and across the country by advocating for the unique needs of this critical population.

Pediatric Home Service, headquartered in Minnesota, an InTandem Capital Partners portfolio company, has continued to expand its reach and service offering to care for patients throughout Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin. PHS aims to continue to bring its comprehensive continuum of specialized services to markets in order to meet the needs of the medically complex pediatric population across the country and drive efficiencies in the healthcare system.

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About Pediatric Home Service

Pediatric Home Service is an independent pediatric home care company helping children with medical complexities and technology dependencies live safely and successfully where they are most comfortable, at home with their families, rather than in a hospital. Pediatric Home Service partners with healthcare professionals and family caregivers to deliver compassionate, specialized, high-quality care to children with complex medical needs.

About Apple Homecare Medical Supply

In the business since 1997, Apple HMS provides home medical equipment and disposable supplies to patients across Texas, with a focus on respiratory and enteral supplies in a pediatric setting. Apple HMS aims to improve the lives of patients by ensuring everyone receives compassionate, courteous, and consistent service.

About All About Pediatrics

All About Pediatrics saw a need for a company devoted solely to children with special needs. The highly skilled and caring staff has over 40 years of experience, and designs care plans that fit the needs of each child they serve. The team provides quality respiratory services, enteral services, and medical supplies for the pediatric population in Florida.

About InTandem Capital Partners

InTandem Capital is a private equity firm that invests in and helps accelerate the growth of select healthcare services companies. Its goal is to build excellent businesses of significant value working collaboratively with its management team partners. InTandem is comprised of former business executives and experienced investors, and is uniquely qualified to provide strategic, acquisition and operating expertise to help companies significantly increase their value over time. InTandem provides active support to the management of its portfolio companies and leverages its network of industry executives to augment its capabilities.