November 11, 2020

Salt Lake City, UT, November 11, 2020 – Conquer Addiction, Inc. has recognized Turning Point Centers, a long-standing leader of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment in the Intermountain West, with the ‘Excellence in Treatment’ award.  Turning Point Centers has been awarded silver status in the adult category for the best post-treatment success rates.

“On behalf of the entire team at Turning Point Centers, I am honored and humbled to accept the award for excellence in clinical outcomes,” said Chris Mackintosh, CEO of Turning Point Centers.  “Our mission is to be a life-long partner to our patients and to always provide the necessary resources and support to create and sustain meaningful long-term recovery.  We are grateful to achieve this national award.”

“The Excellence in Treatment awards were created to help prospective patients and their families identify treatment centers with the best success rates,” said Joanna Conti, founder and CEO of the nonprofit Conquer Addiction, Inc.  “Until the last few years, addiction treatment centers were rarely systematically following up with patients after treatment to learn how they were doing.  Now that many respected programs are measuring post-treatment success rates, we want to help families select treatment centers with proven results for their loved ones.  Conquer Addiction’s searchable directory will showcase Turning Point Centers as one of the top treatment centers with the best outcomes.”

Addiction treatment centers with the highest percentages of patients reporting having achieved their post-treatment drug and alcohol usage goals were selected for Excellence in Treatment awards.  All award applicants were required to submit detailed results of outcomes research that complied with stringent research protocols, and the winners were selected by an independent panel of judges.

Information about each of the winners, including their post-treatment success rates, is available at www.excellenceintreatment.com.

About Turning Point Centers

Turning Point Centers is a long-standing leader of substance abuse and behavioral health treatment in the Intermountain West, providing a full continuum of care that includes evidence-based clinical and medical services. The company is dedicated to addressing behavioral health needs and enhancing treatment quality for adults by delivering one-on-one care with masters level therapists and staff physicians – providing a lifetime of care, not episodes of treatment. Turning Point Centers’ focus on an individual’s long-term wellness includes engaging family members in nationally accredited treatment programs and ongoing recovery plans.

For more information visit www.turningpointcenters.com