September 29, 2020

September 29, 2020 (Roseville, Minn.) – Pediatric Home Service (PHS), an independent comprehensive home care provider headquartered in Roseville, MN, recently partnered with Alliance Medical Supply, a high-tech durable medical supply company serving pediatric patients in San Antonio, Texas.

PHS provides care for medically complex patients in Texas through branch locations in Dallas and Houston as well as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. This partnership is an opportunity to provide even more comprehensive, best-in-class services to patients living in Texas.

Alliance provides a variety of respiratory and clinical nutrition programs dedicated to supporting, managing, and educating patients, families and caregivers.

PHS Chief Executive Officer Cameo Zehnder says this is a great opportunity for both companies. “We are excited to partner with Alliance. They have similar values to PHS and have the same patient-first mentality that is at the core of every decision we make. We are looking forward to learning from and growing with Alliance.”

Alliance Medical Supply will carry a co-brand with PHS before transitioning to a unified brand under the Pediatric Home Service name.

“PHS is recognized as a pioneer in pediatric home care,” said Alliance Medical Supply General Manager Howk Bethel. “This partnership is an opportunity to bring additional resources and technology to our patients and families, including access to PHS’s in-depth education materials.”

In addition to joining the PHS team through the Alliance Medical Supply partnership, Howk will also serve as General Manager for all three Texas office locations. “We are thrilled at the leadership and local expertise that Howk brings to our team. We look forward to the growth that he will help to foster in the near future,” said Cameo.

Alliance Medical Supply patients will not see a disruption in services or care. Their clinicians, access to equipment and supplies, billing, and ordering will remain consistent.

For more information about PHS, please visit Full release is posted on the PHS website at pediatric-home-service-announces-partnership-with-alliance-medical-supply

About Pediatric Home Service

Pediatric Home Service is an independent pediatric home care company helping children with medical complexities and technology dependencies live safely and successfully where they’re most comfortable, at home with their families, rather than in a hospital. Pediatric Home Service partners with health care professionals and family caregivers to deliver compassionate, specialized, high-quality care to children with complex medical needs.

About Alliance Medical Supply

Alliance Medical Supply is a leading high-tech durable medical equipment company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care to children in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area. Alliance Medical Supply provides extensive education on equipment and programs that ensure consistent monthly resupply of disposable and reoccurring supplies.