PE Hub Profiles InTandem’s Newly Formed Vivo Infusion

March 22, 2022

InTandem Senior Managing Director, Brad Coppens, spoke with Aaron Weitzman from PE Hub about the firm’s formation of Vivo Infusion and the strategic plans for building the company focused exclusively on ambulatory infusion. Mr. Coppens disclosed InTandem’s thesis for investing in the industry and the opportunities for growth that lie ahead.

“The reason why we like the AIC model is that it offers a unique value proposition to balance the needs of constituents in the ecosystem. There are a few things happening in the sector: there is a wave of newly approved pharmaceutical therapies that are going through FDA, a large percentage of which are infusible therapies. Many of these therapies have important clinical outcomes, but they can have an enormous cost toll on the healthcare system.”

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